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Organize your Home

Organize your home enables you to lead a more structured, simpler life, with greater emotional stability and stress-free leisure time.

Your home. Your things. Organized.

Organize your Home

Organize your home enables you to lead a more structured, simpler life, with greater emotional stability and stress-free leisure time.

Your home. Your things. Organized.

Organize your home involves thinking about every little detail in order to guarantee smooth running.

And that’s exactly what I do at PiaOrganiza – dedicate time to analysing how to Organize your Home – your home – to make everything work like clockwork. In general, I tend to think along Organizational lines and am always looking for the key that will guarantee that everything will work that much better for your home, and consequently, for your family.

There’s nothing I like better than getting down to detail.

– I’m quick and efficient as well as a serious professional – I am

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My services

Organize your home, time and activities.

I can help you expand your vision of your home and of what needs doing every second of the day to fit your individual circumstances. Planning what needs to be done and how – cleaning, fabrics, kitchen, etc. and giving it a timeframe.

Domestic Staff Training

This involves designing a Personal Training Plan for Domestic Staff. Face-to-face training is the key. Progress is monitored via my personalized tests which irrefutably demonstrate that after a period of training every single member of household staff improves.

Organize your Cleaning

We’ll find the ideal Organization system for your home and leave you with a daily, monthly and six-monthly planner. And we’ll teach you how to run it to ensure that the timings are right for you.

Fabrics Care Service

This service consists of 5 steps: Classify > stain removal > wash > dry > iron and storage. My aim is to simplify and maximize product use 100%. This not only gives you the benefit of reduced household bills but also reduced your carbon footprint.

Organize your Kitchen

Organize your Home without Organize your Kitchen would be an oversight. This is the most important space in your home and is a hive of activity at least 3 times/day. That’s why I focus on three key areas: menu planning, shopping list, and storage organization.

Organize your Cupboards and Storage Areas

This service speaks for itself: we take everything out, we sort everything with you, and we reclassify in order to reorganize. The end result gives you impeccable cupboards where everything is easy to find. We are experts. Don’t let the “gremlins” gain ground and deprive you of space you haven’t got.

Domestic Space Interior Design

If you are going to build your own home or have a Project in mind, we can help by studying the plans in order to guarantee that domestic and storage space really meet your needs. That’s where Organize your Home can really make a difference – from the ground up.

House-move Unpacking Service | Turnkey

If you are thinking of Moving home, with everything included, and would like everything to be well Organized when you get to your new home let us help you with our service House-move unpacking Turnkey.
My evolution as a % thoughout 2017:
  • Organize your Home 90 % 90 %
  • Domestic Staff Training 87 % 87 %
  • Organize your Cleaning 60 % 60 %
  • Fabrics Care Service 60 % 60 %
  • Organize your Kitchen 79 % 79 %
  • Organize your Cupboards and Storage Areas 100 % 100 %
  • Domestic Space Interioir Design 73 % 73 %
  • House-move Unpacking Service | Turnkey 60 % 60 %
Hi, I’m Pía and if you need help to improve the Organization of your home then send me an email to and I’ll call you personally.

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Interior Designer & Architectural project consultant for domestic space enhancement. My works:

Ana Ortín Trujillano

Cooking and Thermomix expert. PainterHas an astonishing serenity

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