What is a professional organiser (PO)?

POs work directly with clients, offering guidance, encouragement, support, strategies and practical help to organise various aspects of their homes or offices, and their lives. Individual POs offer a range of services including: Advice and specific training in Organization, decluttering, storage solutions, time management, coaching, Design and/or home-staging and Home Organization.

Why should I hire an APDO member?

APDO members are all accredited experts, fully insured and registered for data protection, and committed to the APDO Code of Ethics that includes strict confidentiality. In other words, APDO membership is evidence of commitment to professionalism and compliance with industry standards.

What does it cost to hire a professional organiser?

POs provide full terms and conditions, including details of prices and other business policies. There is no standard rate for POs, so please check with the individual POs. Some charge per hour, per day or half-day or offer discounts for block bookings. We set our fees according to levels of experience, expertise, distance and the particular services that they offer.

What do professional organisers offer?

POs provide practical and sympathetic help for clients in all kinds of homes and offices. We offer hands-on decluttering and organising to make more effective use of space and storage. In addition, individual POs offer services according to our specific skills and expertise. These can include:

– Home Organization

– Training of Household Employees.

– House Move Unpacking Turnkey

– Paper management and filing systems

– Strategies to manage time

– Home staging before selling property

– Advice on interior design, feng shui or space clearing

– Environmentally-friendly solutions

– Setting up and running home offices

– Study skills and organising techniques

In addition to working with clients, some POs present talks or workshops, publish books or articles, contribute to PR campaigns, or sell organising products.

What does a client expect of a professional organiser?

Clients expect POs to have relevant skills, knowledge and experience, and to conduct their business in a professional manner. POs are expected to communicate directly and honestly with clients, to be non-judgemental, and most importantly to maintain strict confidentiality. These standards all reflect the principles of the APDO Code of Ethics to which all APDO members adhere. APDO members are advised to provide clients with their business terms and conditions in order to explain their services, limitations and other policies.